You can find it online, but not on your TV.  As Bruce Springsteen said, “57 channels and nothing on” — except now it’s 557 channels, and still no coverage of the huge protests that went on this weekend in Wisconsin and other cities here in the US.  But I have a feeling if this was an astroturf rally comprised of people sporting teabags and misspelled hate filled signs, we’d be inundated with made-up details.

Thank God for the interwebs.  The above picture came courtesy of the Political Carnival.  Live streaming of the massive protests was provided by The Uptake.  (An aside: Please join the fight for real net neutrality!)

At least the mainstream media is covering the disaster in Japan. Too bad they’re not questioning the ridiculous assurances coming from both Japanese and US authorities that the risk of danger from the explosions and imminent meltdowns at various nuclear reactors is low.

To get the real story, you might want to check out the BradBlog, where Brad Friedman is staying awake to stay on top of the story.

This morning, I’ll once again be joined by Harvey Wasserman, who’s been fighting the No Nukes battle since the 70s, when he was one of the organizers of MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) and the No Nukes concerts.  A couple of years ago, as the idea of a revitalized nuclear power industry in the US was gaining ground, Wasserman – along with Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash and others – formed

In hour two, Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars visits for our weekly Fools on the Hill segment, recapping the Sunday talking head shows.

John Edwards started his 2008 presidential campaign with the theme of there being two Americas: the haves and the have nots, and he promised to look after the have nots.  It’s a damn shame his campaign blew up because it doesn’t look like there’s anyone else on the horizon that is even aware of the existence of  the have nots.

For example, Mark Warner of Virginia–who claims to be a Democrat and at one time held presidential aspirations himself—justified raising the age for Social Security “because those under 35 don’t think it will be there anyway.” Can I just say that I would love to get in the face of any of these politicos and confront them with their wrong-headedness on Social Security?  I promise you they would think twice about saying anything as stupid and as blind to the economic realities as Warner just did after I was done with them.  Dean Baker from the Center for Economic and Policy Research wrote a letter to Warner after a similar appearance a month ago on NPR to correct him on his misinformation.  Either he didn’t read it or didn’t care, because he gave Chris Wallace the exact same spiel this Sunday.

Another person who just doesn’t care is Mitch McConnell, who is rivaling John McCain in number of appearances on Sunday shows.  McConnell promised Chris Wallace that the GOP senators will absolutely hold the debt ceiling hostage until the Democrats agree to their draconian cuts which hurt the middle and lower classes almost exclusively.

Then there are those who just hope that you’re not paying very close attention.  Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was formerly Bush’s Director of the Office of Management and the Budget.  Back when he was a Bushie, he entreated Congress not to play political games with the debt ceiling.  Now he says he hopes the Republicans use the leverage they have to effect *real* change.  Daniels pooh-poohs the budget deficit that Bush created, because it’s so much larger under the Obama, neglecting to acknowledge that the reason it is so much larger now is because the Obama administration put all those off-book costs on the books.  You know, those little things like the ongoing occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Medicare Part D, etc.

The media in general hopes that you’re not paying attention.  CNN’s coverage of the 100,000 Americans converging on Madison to protest Gov. Walker and the GOP State Senators end round against the law was nothing less than pathetic…although it was more than you saw on any other channel.

And then there are those who are just so clueless that they simply don’t recognize that there are two Americas.  Generally, Chris Matthews falls into that category.  Matthews discusses the NPR scandals without a single bit of acknowledgment of O’Keefe’s trap, his complete lack of credibility after the faked ACORN tapes, the attempted break-in at Mary Landrieu’s office and other puerile attempts at faked “gotcha” journalism.  Amazingly, Glenn Beck’s blog, the Blaze, took a more skeptical look at O’Keefe than Tweety did.  Instead, what the panel opted to do was to focus on the mindless narrative of public broadcasting being liberal and elitist.  And mindless it is, as Media Matters shows with several conservative commentators acknowledging the fairness of public broadcasting’s coverage.