We will be doing just that on today’s show.  Political cartoonist, columnist and war correspondent Ted Rall is my first guest this morning.  His new book, The Anti-American Manifesto explicitly calls for a violent revolution. Seriously!

Rall also recently returned from a trip to Afghanistan.  We’ll delve into that mess, as well as the mess here at home that prompted his writing of the Manifesto.  It should be a fascinating conversation.

My friend David Swanson reviewed Rall’s book recently and, I must admit, I agree more with Swanson than Rall on this one, but it’s definitely worth the discussion!

In hour two, it’s our weekly get together with The Political Carnival‘s Gotta Laff.  There’s much to talk about, including the controversy over Saturday’s One Nation march & rally crowd size.  It seems that the trolls on the right just like screwing with the facts.