Marvin Gaye was on to something. He wrote Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) way back in 1971. And here we are today, fighting to save the planet.  The White House announced yesterday that they’ll be installing a solar water heater and replacing the solar panels on the roof that Jimmy Carter installed in 1979, but Ronald Reagan took down. Bill McKibben and his gang at have another huge worldwide event planned this Sunday – 10-10-10.

And our friend Howie Klein of DownWithTyranny and the Blue America PAC also had solar panels installed in his home last week…

Today, we’ll talk with Howie about that, and talk elections too.  Plus, Phil Aroneau of will tell us all about what’s happening on Sunday.

We’ll also delve into another issue of urgency today — Net Neutrality. It’s quite possibly the most important first amendment issue of our time. Tim Karr of and will be my guest.

Listen live 10-noon ET, and come back later for the podcast.  Radio…or Not!