On Women, Florida, Teachers, Unions and NPR…

We are women, hear us roar. But not in the history books that have likely been written by men. March is Women's History Month!  We have a month, but we still don't have an equal rights amendment. All the great things that women have done to move our nation forward is rarely reported or taught. Until now, that is. My friend Amy Simon calls herself a "cultural HERstorian."  She's been obsessed with the lack of attention paid to the role women have played throughout our nation's history, and decided to do something about it.  The result is now a one [...]

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Florida, Florida, Florida!

For once, I didn't think "Flori-DUH". Today, I was actually proud of a couple of our elected officials. First, kudos to Senator Bill Nelson (something I never imagined I'd write on this blog!) for being the 41st Senator to state publicly that he'd back the public insurance option as part of a health care bill moved through reconciliation.  He told Huffington Post's Ryan Grim that today, and Ryan told us all about it on tonight's show! I also spoke with Ryan about the other member of Florida's Congressional delegation of whom I'm especially proud this evening, Alan Grayson, who today [...]

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