Quickie: This is what happens when Democrats don’t vote

Today's Quickie: Here are 54 words from a Los Angeles Times article about the Nevada GOP's (and Governor Brian Sandoval's) election wins that Democrats would be wise to read... and reread: He was so popular he scared off serious competition in November, giving Democrats little incentive to turn out. The result was a GOP wave of such magnitude it surprised even Republican strategists; no one expected the party to win control of the state Assembly, where Democrats held a near two-thirds majority, but they did. That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?

The Undecided

  Podcast: Play in new window I'd recently been pondering the "how could anyone be undecided" question as to which presidential candidate to vote for.  Seriously. If you can't decide between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, you're really not paying attention. So, imagine my surprise when Bill Maher pondered the same stupidity on Real Time Friday night! And then SNL tackled the question on Saturday! Great minds, and all that...  But at least one listener took issue with the general consensus that if you're undecided you're one of the dreaded Low Information Voters.  (Except that I had to spell out [...]

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