The Undecided

  Podcast: Play in new window I'd recently been pondering the "how could anyone be undecided" question as to which presidential candidate to vote for.  Seriously. If you can't decide between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, you're really not paying attention. So, imagine my surprise when Bill Maher pondered the same stupidity on Real Time Friday night! And then SNL tackled the question on Saturday! Great minds, and all that...  But at least one listener took issue with the general consensus that if you're undecided you're one of the dreaded Low Information Voters.  (Except that I had to spell out [...]

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Murders, Mormons & Mars

Listen to this episode: {play} {/play} Podcast: Play in new window   Sorry for the late posting, but it was a busy day...  While doing my show I got the call to guest host for Randi Rhodes, and I just got home.  So, we'll make this brief... Once again, we began the show with Cheryl Wheeler's "If It Were Up to Me," as another sick individual with a gun opened fire on a group of innocent people. This time, the shooter had ties to white supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups, and he killed six people at a Sikh temple.  He was [...]

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What a Day…

Listen to this episode: {play} {/play} Podcast: Play in new window It was one of those days.  From the start, when I couldn't get online... only to find out the check hadn't been mailed!  But here we are at 9pm, and I'm finally getting the podcast posted... Guests were Nicholas Shaxson who wrote the great piece on Mitt Romney's offshore money for Vanity Fair, PunkBoyinSF, and Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars with our Fools on the Hill segment. Enjoy!  I'll talk to you tomorrow... I'm going to sleep....

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