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I’d recently been pondering the “how could anyone be undecided” question as to which presidential candidate to vote for.  Seriously. If you can’t decide between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, you’re really not paying attention.

So, imagine my surprise when Bill Maher pondered the same stupidity on Real Time Friday night!

And then SNL tackled the question on Saturday!

Great minds, and all that…  But at least one listener took issue with the general consensus that if you’re undecided you’re one of the dreaded Low Information Voters.  (Except that I had to spell out point by point what we’d all lost if Romney were to repeal “Obamacare”… and didn’t even get into the make-up of the Supreme Court!)

But it did make me realize that I have to set aside some time for calls each day.  I don’t often ask for calls on my show because most people listen via the podcast, not during the live program.  So, I thought we’d try something…  Beginning this Thursday, Sept 27, I’ll keep the phone lines open for listeners calls in the first hour (10-11am ET).  If you want to call in, you can skype me at nicolesandler, or call 954-889-6410.  I’ll take calls unscreened, in the order they come in.  I’ll remind you as we get closer and we’ll see how it goes.

Today on the show, in addition to the segment on the Undecided…  I spoke with Segway Jeremy Ryan.  If you’ve been at a Netroots Nation gathering in the past few years or are an activist in Wisconsin, you know Jeremy.  His health is failing, and he likely won’t be with us much longer.  People are paying tribute on his Facebook page, and he even wrote a Farewell… so I invited him on the show this morning for a chat, and to thank him for all of his hard work.

It’s Monday, so Nicole Belle joined in from Crooks and Liars to tell us what we missed on the Sunday talking heads shows in a segment we call Fools on the Hill!

I need to check to see if hell has frozen over, because Bill Kristol is making sense to me. He told the Fox News crew that the Obama team turned around Bush’s financial meltdown, making it tough for Romney to position himself as a referendum against Obama’s failed first term.

But then Reince Priebus opened his mouth and confirmed for me that Republicans live in a fact-free world, by insisting to George Stephanopoulos that Romney has offered ‘specifics out of our eyeballs.’

And Ann Coulter—who deserves no such spot on national television for being consistently, constantly and terminally wrong—tells the This Week panel that the Democrats have ‘dropped the blacks’ in favor of Hispanics, because LGBT and immigrants aren’t real civil rights. There is so much wrong with everything she said, I can’t even begin to parse them.

Meanwhile, the Fox News team—in a desperate attempt to distract from Mitt Romney’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week—is trying to paint President Obama as being unavailable to world leaders while he’s courting that “liberal media” by appearing on The View. Robert Gibbs reminds Chris Wallace that we have these things called telephones and that allows President Obama to be accessible anywhere and at any time.

And the Big Dog himself, former president Bill Clinton, spoke to Fareed Zakaria about why liberals and Democrats should not get complacent about this election by looking at the sneaky ways Republicans are trying to tip the scales in the favor, like targeting African American churches for voter suppression.