Final Day at #AFT14

  The 2014 AFT convention wraps up today, and I'm thrilled that I was able to be here to cover it. After all, our future depends on these people who, in many cases, spend more times with our children than their parents do. But it's not only teachers represented by the American Federation of Teachers. The AFT also represents nurses and other healthcare workers, school staff other than teachers, public defenders and other public sector employees. I overheard someone waiting in line the other day suggesting they change the name of the AFT to the AFP - American Federation of [...]

Hell Freezes Over

No, I'm not talking about The Eagles. But seriously, hell must have frozen over yesterday! Glenn Beck, the hate talker who was too extreme for Faux News, yesterday admitted that not only was he wrong about the US invasion of Iraq but, "Liberals, you were right!" Seriously! If you need to hear it right from the horses mouth, I  don't blame you. Just hit play: There was more. Of course, Beck was wrong about more than he got right in this clip... But there was more to enjoy: From the beginning, most people on the left were against going into [...]

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