3-29-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Don Henley Strikes Again and More Monday Misery

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   It's Deja Vu all over again! You may recall when live streaming was suspended on my YouTube channel for 90 days. It was because in a What's News segment that aired at the very end of a show posted four years ago used less than 30 seconds of Don Henley's "I Will Not Go Quietly". Well, it happened again! This time, the video was from March 18, 2016. 2016! Back then, I was still doing a two hour daily show. In the [...]

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Let’s Make Sure It’s Streamed!

In his masterpiece, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,"  Gil Scott-Heron offers an unbridled indictment of the failure of the corporate media, which has only gotten exponentially worse in the four decades since we first heard it. An updated version would certainly include some reference to today's predicament. Senator Al Franken calls the fight for Net Neutrality "the free speech issue of our time" . Presidential candidate Barack Obama promised that he'd always support and would only appoint FCC commissioners who'd uphold his belief in the need for a free and open internet. So, WTF is going on with Chairman Tom [...]

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