In his masterpiece, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,”  Gil Scott-Heron offers an unbridled indictment of the failure of the corporate media, which has only gotten exponentially worse in the four decades since we first heard it.

An updated version would certainly include some reference to today’s predicament. Senator Al Franken calls the fight for Net Neutrality “the free speech issue of our time” . Presidential candidate Barack Obama promised that he’d always support and would only appoint FCC commissioners who’d uphold his belief in the need for a free and open internet. So, WTF is going on with Chairman Tom Wheeler?

All the information and the tools you need to fight back is available from a number of sites, but you can begin with and This morning, I spoke with Harris from the Post  from inside the FCC hearing room, and Evan Greer campaign manager of Fight for the Future, one of the organizers of Occupy the FCC.

Unfortunately, the outcome was not what we wanted, as the FCC voted 3-2 to move forward with Wheeler’s proposal to create an internet fast lane for the companies and people who can afford to pay more.

To make matters even worse, the vote was along party lines, with the 3 “Democrats” voting for the proposal and the 2 Republicans voting against.  Sickening…

In the second hour, Amy Simon joined me to tell about her experience meeting Senator Elizabeth Warren at a book event in Los Angeles next week. OK, I’m going to read the book (if you buy it via this link, RoN gets a small commission), and keep my fingers crossed that she’ll decide to run for president!

On a final note for the week, Randi Rhodes‘ show will end tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s just this incarnation of The Randi Rhodes Show that’s ending, as I can’t imagine not having her voice to inform, educate and help guide the masses. We’ll keep a microphone available for her here at Radio or Not…