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The mystery surrounding Michelle Shocked's shocking comments from the concert stage at Yoshi's in San Francisco Sunday night continues as conflicting accounts of what actually happened surfaced, but no clear statement from the singer-songwriter herself.  Those comments will come tomorrow morning here, live on my show. Music journalist Chris Willman at Yahoo music followed up on his original story with one that includes an alternate take on what happened.   The follow-up, "Michelle Shocked: 'Hatemonger' or Misunderstood Provocateur"  sounds more like what my personal knowledge of Shocked (through her music and my interviews with her over the years) leads me [...]

Rape, Rapists and Republicans

Today on the show we talked about the verdict in the Steubenville rape trial and about the insanity at CPAC.  And just moments after the show ended, a tweet crossed my stream from Mother Jones about this CPAC joke about Ashley Judd and rape.  Timing is everything, huh? CPAC: Where Ashley Judd Rape Jokes Happen — Mother Jones (@MotherJones) March 18, 2013   Although I took issue with Crooks & Liars proclaiming that Candy Crowley was "oozing sympathy" for the racists, the truth is that the media in general seemed to be more concerned about the rapists than they [...]

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