The Whistleblowers’ Lament

What a difference a decade makes! Back in 2002, Time magazine named "The Whistleblowers" the Person(s) of the Year!  Today, the same publication - according to whistleblower Jesselyn Radack writing at Daily Kos   joins the Obama administration in equating whistleblowers with spies, a characterization aimed at silencing other potential whistleblowers. As I wrote yesterday, the magazine's cover story is a complete disaster. It pictures hacktivist Aaron Swartz, National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden & WikiLeaks defendant Bradley Manning under the screaming words, "THE INFORMERS." Worse, it ignores key facts, the law, and the magazine's prior recognition of whistleblowers when it named "The [...]

All the News The Corporate Media Doesn’t Deem You Fit to Know

As today's show ended, we were an hour away from the verdict in the Bradley Manning court martial.  I have no numbers to back this up, but I'd guess that if you took a poll of the American people, the vast majority would have no clue that the trial was even happening, let alone who Manning is or what he's accused of doing. I do believe people are responsible for their lack of knowledge; but in this case, the blame rests just as squarely on the shoulders of the corporate media who has a vested interest in controlling the messages [...]

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Monday, Monday – part one

It's a double shot Monday... Midway through this morning's show, I got an email from Randi Rhodes' producer asking if I'd be able to fill in for her today.  So now, at 7:30 pm, I'm finally sitting down to write today's post. Needless to say, it was a busy day!  Here's part one: Late yesterday, we were treated to more of our nation's unflattering secrets, courtesy of WikiLeaks.  This time, the leaks deal with one of our least attractive features - Guantanamo Bay.  To fill us in on what he was able to glean from the files as of this [...]

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