No Pity for the Billionaires Here

  It's a busy day here at Radio or Not headquarters.  The final presidential debate is tonight, and the future of the nation is on the line. We've been hearing a lot about the billionaires and the plutocrats lately - for very good reason.  What's really at stake is whether or not the deep divide between the very wealthy and the rest of us becomes ever deeper and impossible to gap, or fairness is a goal to aspire to. Today, we'll address the subject with one of my favorite authors on the subject - Thomas Frank, columnist for Harpers and [...]

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Of Saints and Sinners

Richard Holbrooke died yesterday.  Its amazing to me how, upon a persons death, people are afraid to speak truthfully. Although Holbrooke did some good things (anyone who tries to work through diplomatic channels can't be all bad!), he was also one of the architects of the Vietnam War, and authored some of the Pentagon Papers, showing he knew full-well that that war was a no-win situation. Holbrooke is being lionized in the media today, but not by all.  All one has to do is follow Jeremy Scahill's twitter feed.  He's been speaking out about the man he's covered for years, [...]

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