As promised, we are here to enjoy the last day of VH1’s Saturday Night Live #SNLClassic Rewind and count down to tonight’s 40th birthday extravaganza LIVE on NBC.

No Brian Williams appearances are expected, but he’s about the only legendary face from 30 Rock that hasn’t been somehow involved in planning and producing this celebration as they take a well-earned bow. VH1 Classic is in the final six episodes that have counted backward from last season to 1975 … Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase are on in the background right now, at 4 EST.

You can practically hear the rolling papers gearing up from coast to coast.


This morning various messnbc outlets vied for the best gets from SNL history, and whether you’re more turned on by Dana Carvey on Meet the Press or a Wow panel on with Steve Kornacki that featured Tim Meadows and Julia Sweeney … all offered unique perspective, and here are some clips to get us in the mood for what promises to be a night to remember.



Even Chuck Toad couldn’t dampen Dana Carvey. We couldn’t believe Pappie Bush had him to the White House to up the morale of the ‘troops’ after he couldn’t gain a second term!

And if we are in for a Bush Clinton Sweet Sixteen, may SNL be headed into its best decade EVER.


They don’t sign off like Richard Pryor was wont to do “If you didn’t watch the show, I hope you made love.”

[At least he did in Episode 7 of Season 1 in 1975 and it was water-cooler kryptonite.]

A small taste of the old days is only fair if you don’t have Comcast screwing you for cable fees but also don’t get VH1 Classic. Weekend Update with Chevy Chase on deck.


Not too late to catch Season 1 Episode 1, with George Carlin, Andy Kaufman and the haunting Janis Ian. 5:30 – 7:00pmEST/2:30-4Pacific on VH1 Classic. Pre-show fun on NBC starts at 7EST.

Laffy already gets most awesome Tweet. And it must still be morning in L.A.