Finally! Today marks the Vernal Equinox… or the beginning of Spring. Silly non-religious folks (like me) tend to celebrate these days- when we enter a new phase of planetary alignment with the sun- rather than religious holidays based on a book written a few thousand years ago. Yet somehow the pagans who join together to celebrate nature at Ostara Festivals around the world – and pre-date Christianity! – are considered the odd balls. Welcome to opposite world.

It’s somehow fitting that Fred Phelps, the founder of the hate-spewing Westboro Baptist Church, died on one of the biggest pagan holidays of all. One more reason to celebrate, I guess.

Today, I offered my own twisted theory about what happened to the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. Bill Mumy knew that a bad man, a very bad man was aboard, so he turned it into a toy plane and wished it to the cornfield. I attempted to call Bill, but it was too early in California, so I just woke up and pissed off his wife. Oh well, I tried.

We did get to politics. Howie Klein (DownWithTyranny, Blue America PAC) joined me to talk about the best progressives running for Congress today, and what it takes to get an endorsement from Blue America. With the DCCC and DSCC seemingly doing everything in their power to cede control to the Republicans, we need real, unabashed progressives running and winning.

And Julianna Forlano joined in to prove that just about all of today’s news is absurd. But CNN tells you that every day…