One of the first things I saw this morning was a tweet from The Nation’s Greg Mitchell about a leak of the audio of Bradley Manning’s testimony from his pre-trial hearing held a couple of weeks ago.

A leak of the leaker.  Perfect.

I followed this link to the Freedom of the Press Foundation page that published the audio, along with the YouTube video (below)  I shared on the show this morning, and an explanation of why they posted it all.    When I first clicked, the page wouldn’t load.  Perhaps it was just slammed by too many people trying to get on… or not.  I don’t know, but it seems to be loading just fine.

You can listen to the whole thing and read the transcripts


and watch this film that includes the portion of his testimony in which Manning describes the “Collateral Murder” video and why he felt he had to let everyone see it.

Watch, listen, and decide for yourself…

Howie Klein of DownWithTyranny and the Blue America PAC  joined me to talk politics — everything from Bob Ney’s allegations about John Boehner and the fact that a challenger has already stepped up for 2014, to the New Dems and why we should be wary, to Paul Ryan’s fall from being one of the “serious” people and more.

After news from the Talk Radio News Service, it was time for Laffy!

The Political Carnival‘s GottaLaff  joins in every Tuesday morning, bringing along some stories we might otherwise have missed.  Today, she brought us these:

Judge questions ex-Sen. Larry “Wide Stance” Craig’s use of campaign cash to pay for legal defense

Oops! John Boehner touts poll showing Americans don’t like spending cuts and want to raise taxes

VIDEO– Jeb Bush: “I don’t think there’s any Bush baggage at all… History will be kind to George W. Bush.”

VIDEO– Former McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt: GOP “doesn’t give equal opportunity to women.”

VIDEO– Paul Krugman: Jeb Bush is “one of those people who says ‘frankly’ just before he delivers a big whopper.”

Sources: Ashley Judd planning to declare candidacy

Wisconsin GOP lawmakers push bill to let parents sue over death of fetus

Rick Scott, move over:

Bacteria don’t discriminate between homeless, affluent. TB is not just a skid row issue. So why was L.A. outbreak covered up?

And at the end, Democracy for America‘s Jim Dean called in to tell us that DFA has officially endorsed Ed Markey for Senate from MA, to fill John Kerry’s seat.  Help out if you can!