So the annual gathering of CPAC (Conservatives Pandering Asinine Convictions) starts tomorrow in DC.  Actually, not in Wasington, DC itself, but in nearby National Harbor, Maryland – ironically at the Gaylord National Hotel (ironic, because no gay lords or organizations are welcome).

I began the show today be perusing the official program, having no idea how many laughs would ensue.  So feel free to glance through the guide and enjoy all the comedic offerings:

CPAC 2013 Schedule

The schedule boasts some can’t miss book signings, like

Beating Obamacare: Your Handbook for Surviving the New Health Care Law  by The Honorable Betsy McCaughey

Spin Masters: How the Media Ignored the Real News and Helped Reelect Barack Obama by David Freddoso
Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government’s Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives  by Grover Norquist
And panels including

“Should We Shoot all the Consultants Now?

“Stop THIS: Threats, Harassment, Intimidation, Slander & Bullying from the Obama Administration”

“The United Nations vs. The United States: The End Run Around the American Way of Life”

“How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Plastic Water Bottles, Fracking, Genetically Modified Foods, and Big Gulp Sodas”

And there are lots more along those lines. I’m not kidding….  But if you go to that last panel, you’ll miss the CPAC 2013 Blogger awards with James O’Keefe, Dana Loesch and other right wing hacks.  And you certainly don’t want to miss the numerous tributes to Andrew Breitbart.

I’m guessing they’ll have some of the sessions streaming live… entertainment like that  is just priceless!  That’s if they can keep the site running.  As I’m writing this post, the site is having trouble loading.  Must be all the liberals looking for free comedy.

Author, pundit, columnist, PR maven and media mogul Cliff Schecter joined me on the show this morning and was a great sport as I debuted a new feature, “Who Said it and Why?”  Listen in and see if you can do better than he did.

Amy Simon of She’s History stopped by for her weekly fabulous female facts, today talking about Sheryl Sandberg.  And Crooks and Liars’ John Amato chimed in about the Popestakes.

We’re back tomorrow with Julianna Forlano’s first regular Thursday morning session… Talk to you then, radio or not!