Last night we watched as President Obama tried to explain to the American people (who mostly don’t pay attention) what’s going on with the “debt crisis” – which you and I know is a fake crisis as the real crisis is the lack of jobs.  While Obama was busy playing middle of the road politics and making nice with Speaker Boehner (and echoing the right wing talking points about our “out of control spending”  as the cause for this “crisis” and the “both parties are to blame” line), Boehner went on the attack blaming it all on President Obama and the Democrats “spending binge”.

Over at Washington Monthly, Steve Benen detailed the Top 10 most egregious lies from Boehner’s response to the president’s address to the nation last night.

The only good thing about this whole mess is that it’ll be over soon and we can get back to dealing with the real problem in this country of unemployment.

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