Now that I have power back on again, I’m sitting in my studio preparing for tonight’s show. The phone just rang, and on the other end, yet another robo call for the guy trying to buy the Democratic nomination for the US Senate from Florida, Jeff Greene.

Greene is a former Republican (I think), and a fairly recent Florida resident who made his fortune by betting against its homeowners.  While the values of our homes fell, he got filthy rich.  Heidi Fleiss was a long-term house guest of his, and Mike Tyson was his maid of honor.

Yes, welcome to FloriDUH, the home of the hanging chad, no recounts, Marco Rubio and Jeff Greene.  But we have more electoral lunacy.  Joy-Ann Reid (of The Reid Report) will join me in the first half-hour of the show to talk about politics in this strange state which will be voting in the primary elections on Tuesday.

If you think TV’s influence over our politics and sensibilities just turned sour with the rise of Faux News, you might be surprised to hear what my second guest has to say.  Anna McCarthy, an associate professor in the department of Cinema Studies at NYU, is author of “The Citizen Machine: Governing by Television in 1950s America.”

After a report from the Talk Radio News Service, comedian John Fuglesang will check in with us from San Francisco (where he’s performing tonight), and weigh in on the religious intolerance in our nation, “Dr.” Laura’s announcement that she’s leaving her radio show, the “end of combat operations in Iraq” and whatever else he feels like talking about!