Maddow brought The Bears.

We were delighted with the hologrammed owl already featured, imagine many regular Maddow watchers are fans of her quirky April Fool humor that prompts just these sorts of things on messnbc air Live … that Jon Stewart and John Oliver must salute … but ‘Da Gay Librul’ Pacific Coast Tech Bears were a triumph.

Meet C.J. Phillips and Charlie Rainwater – pictured above, as a matter of fact, the self-described high-tech gay ‘bears’ who had the liberal foresight to purchase the domain name for back in 2008 — and are instead using the site “as a platform to educate our friends and family about political impact to LGBT families.” Awesome sauce. Visit their personal webpage here and give them some love.


You’re welcome.

Yesterday in Radio or Not chat, (Nicole was rocking a show that ranged from safe seafood to Julianna Forlano’s thoughts on the Brian Williams actual hot-mess-nbc morality debate so catch it here or download your Nicole Sandler Show Podcast from iTunes), a regular chatter and wise owl hisself’ – RandiLover shout out(!!) quipped that all anchors of so-called News should, in fact, be comedians. 

Hell, Yeah(!), for a legion of reasons that begin with palatability , but mostly because humor is all we have left to process the news with in a world where the citizens of Fvx Nation believe every word Hannity, Beck and Limpbagger utter on any “air” available to them to suck up.




And set up their tin-foiled rabbit ears for whatever La Palin is screeching. I wonder how that Internetz Networkey Truthiness $tuff is paying off for Her?

There’s a reason Saturday Night Live is turning Forty one upcoming Sunday night

[yes yes we will be live blogging the live show from that merry band at 30 Rock in New York – it’s Laffy’s Place at Radio or Not here people].

And don’t forget that VH1 Classic is in the wrap week of their SNL Marathon, they went new to old so the early years are yet ahead!! Our early warning and links here. They are in the Eighties in these last days, Seventies ahead!!

Circling back to Funny Rachel … giving us another gander at Owl, the second viewing of the Melissa Harris-Perry Eric Holder ‘duck’ moment and these delightfully bashful and brilliant gay Oregonian Bears (Bush Screwers to boot!) in one show?  As a Fellow April Fool this Bear says Brava to all. 

She gets it. Like Laffy and Nicole here,  and liberals who get their news from Comedy Central,  Maddow gets that humor is an ingredient that perfectly seasons modern “news”. (“Current events” is a stretch.)


Image courtesy Wonkette.

Image courtesy Wonkette.


As my bestie in Vermont is wont to say, What is Happiness?