fter filling in for Randi Rhodes today, I continued with my show for the next two hours.

We got an update from environmentalist Ted Glick, who joined me yesterday on Randi’s show.  As Raw Story reports, Ted was convicted of two misdemeanors for unfurling two banners inside the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building last September that read “Green Energy Now” and “Get to Work”!  He faced up to three years in prison at today’s sentencing.

Thankfully, Glick had a decent judge who gave him a suspended sentence with one year of probation, 40 hours of community service, and $1100 in fines.  We also spoke about the work Ted does with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Ted also told us about the one good climate bill currently before Congress: the Maria Cantwell/Susan Collins bill, The Clear Act.  You can find out more about it at www.supportclearact.org.

Truthout.org‘s Jason Leopold was supposed to join me on Randi’s show today, but I had to bump him when Congressman Raul Grijalva agreed to talk with us about the DOJ lawsuit against Arizona.   Jason will join me Thursday afternoon on the Randi Rhodes Show, and he spent some time on my show this evening discussing his newest piece, “Dangerous Cost Cuts at Alyeska Pipeline: Yet Another Example of How BP Runs Things.”

And consulting engineer Alan Drake joined me to talk about the BP spewage in the Gulf, and ways to break our addiction to oil and embrace alternative energy.  He spoke a bit about future prospects of public transportation, and the Millenium Institute.

And with that, I’m off to bed.

Tomorrow on the Randi Rhodes Show, I’ll be joined by David Cobb discussing the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United and the Move to Amend, commentator/author Jim Hightower, environmental attorney Mike Papantonio, and Congressman Joe Sestak who’s running for the US Senate from Pennsylvania.