Ahh Thursday nights. I love them, as they start my weekend.

Since having the employment ax fall on me in late January with the demise of Air America radio, I’ve been working harder than ever. Moving my show earlier in the evening has allowed me to get to bed earlier… but it’s made my life more hectic. And since I have no regular paycheck coming in, let’s just say the stress level is higher than usual. So, I take Fridays off! (Although I usually use the day to do all the stuff I need to do but didn’t have time to get to during the week…)

Anyway, we finish up most Thursday nights with some laughter, courtesy of John Fugelsang. He joins me in the second hour on Thursday nights when he can, and he makes us laugh about things that wouldn’t elicit laughter when other people discuss!  So, as always, I thank Fugelsang for getting my weekend started on an up note!

Tonight’s show began with a conversation with a pretty amazing woman.  Regina Thomas spent many years representing the people of Georgia in the state assembly, House and Senate before challenging incumbent Blue Dog Congressman John Barrow in 2008. Unfortunately he won that time.. but with our help, she’ll unseat him this time.  Regina has been endorsed and embraced by the Blue America PAC, which is run by Crooks & Liars, DownWithTyranny, and Digby’s Hulabaloo.  If you want to find out why you should help Regina, listen to our interview (click the player at the top of the post), and read this piece from DWT’s Howie Klein.

All week, we’ve been talking about the DC appeals court ruling on Net Neutrality. Tonight, I spoke with Tim Karr, campaign director of FreePress.net and SavetheInternet.com. Again, listen to the interview, and visit the sites and take action…

And with that, I’m ready for the weekend. Talk to you Monday!