Jax Dog Days


In honor of National Dog Day yesterday I bring you a picture of Jaxson after he went playing in the mud. And below, a video of Jaxson playing in the pool.


Any time things get to be too much to take, feel free to come back to that picture or that video to put a smile on your face. We need it, especially after yesterday.

The “news” went into 24/7 coverage of the shooting in Virginia yesterday of a TV reporter and her camera man, live on the air. To make matters worse, the killer videotaped the murders from his vantage point, and posted the video on Facebook. Unfortunately, I happened to follow a link that took me there, and I watched the video, something I can never unsee.

The sad fact is that, had the murder not taken place on live television, we probably wouldn’t have heard about it, as those types of shootings are commonplace in 2015 America.

But there was another double murder yesterday, this one in Louisiana. One of the dead is a cop! But I had to search hard to find any coverage of it, and didn’t find it on TV! 

This morning, I shared a great piece from The Guardian by Megan Carpentier. It’s worth circulating widely…

Today was Harvey J. Kaye’s turn to regale us with stories of politicians like FDR who actually made life better for Americans, and Howie Klein returned to talk about the 2016 race and our need to vote for the correct candidates, and more.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up the week with Julianna Forlano and a Flashback Friday musical blast from the past to soothe our collective savage beasts and segue into the weekend, radio or not.