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It’s difficult to come back from a four-day weekend. That’s compounded when you do a news-based show but took the weekend off from all news-related information. Seriously, that’s what I did, and it felt great. But I got to work last night catching up on all the things I wanted to ask Marcy Wheeler about today.
Marcy’s living in Ireland now, so due to the time difference, we record her appearances in the morning my time. Today’s recording sounds great, but the video got corrupted (damn gremlins).
So today’s a day for listening… and there’s a lot to digest… from the Extreme Court’s scorched earth policy to the Washington Post’s examination of the 1/6 DOJ investigation to Hunter Biden to Twitter and beyond.

It’s information overload, so clear the cache and get ready to absorb!

PS Twitter is looking like it’s about to go the way of the do-do. If (when) that happens, Marcy will be at Mastodon, and on BlueSky, but we can’t get on there yet, so just check back at regularly.