Welcome to a new month! June will bring us the final SCOTUS decisions of the term, including the fate of government subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, and what’s left of the narcissists jumping in to the 2016 presidential race. Fun times, indeed.

I thought I’d get a laugh out of Joel Silberman by playing a few lines from “June is Bustin’ Out All Over” from the musical Carousel this morning. But Joel turned the tables on me, and told a fun story about Leslie Uggams’ cue cards with the lyrics from that song were somehow unavailable to her, so she made up her own. I found the video:

So, welcome June, may you be better to us than May was!

Joel Silberman joined me in the second hour of today’s show to talk about everything politics and media, from the poorly executed beginning of Martin O’Malley’s campaign to the retirement of the last TV journalist in Bob Schieffer to the NY Times‘ Saturday Op-Ed “The ‘Non-Candidate’ Money Spigot” and how Bob Schieffer called out Jeb Bush about it yesterday!

Of course, Schieffer did let Bush get away with spouting the bullshit that W “kept us safe”  when, in actuality, the biggest terrorist attack on the US came on his brother’s watch! So, there’s that….

In the first hour, Jason Leopold checked in from Washington, DC, where he will testify tomorrow before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee panel probe of barriers to receiving federal documents under the Freedom of Information Act! Jason was labeled a “FOIA Terrorist” by those he keeps busy with his plethora of requests regularly… It’s happening tomorrow afternoon, probably available on Cspan. We’ll have the popcorn ready for Jason!

He’s been making lots of news lately, as it was Leopold’s FOIA requests that got the Hillary Clinton State Department emails released (beginning June 30), and more.  Read Jason Leopold’s great work at Vice News here.

There was more weekend news that we discussed too in no particular order:

I’ll be back tomorrow to take on yet another day, radio or not!