Puxatawny Phil emerged from his hole this morning and saw his shadow, signaling another six weeks of winter ahead.

Forget about all that science tells us about climate change, melting polar ice caps and changing weather patterns, the damned ground-hog saw its shadow.

That’s the same approach Republicans seem to take when it comes to climate issues. They’re not scientists, so they’ll just rely on their misguided opinions.

I expect more from Democrats, especially when the president tells us, with increasing volume, that keeping planet inhabitable for future generations is one of the most important issues facing us today. So when he makes a nonsensical move like he did last week, opening up the previously off-limits Atlantic coast to drilling for oil and gas, I can’t help but wonder who got to him!

This morning, I spoke with Antonia Juhasz, journalist, oil & energy expert, and author of numerous articles and three books on the subject : BLACK TIDE: the Devastating Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill THE TYRANNY OF OIL: the World’s Most Powerful Industry–And What We Must Do To Stop It ,  THE BUSH AGENDA: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time

She has a new piece coming out in Rolling Stone any day now (watch this space), and a feature on visiting the Deepwater Horizon site last spring in a submarine due in Harpers this April as we’ll mark the 5th anniversary one of the most devastating environmental disasters in history.

Should you care to weigh in on the idea of drilling off the Atlantic coast, the government is now taking your comments at Click and comment. Now.

In hour two, I welcomed Julianna Forlano back to the show to talk about some of the absurd news of the past week – from deflate gate to Sarah Palin to John McCain (those two again?!?) and beyond…

Tomorrow, we take on the war on drugs. Seriously. The War on the War on Drugs, as it were, with journalist/author Johann Hari… radio or not!