Finally, we’re talking about the horrible reality of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay again. Unfortunately, it took 100+ prisoners on a hunger strike to get Americans angry about the fact that we’re holding them without due process.  Eighty-six of the 166 or so prisoners there have been cleared for release, yet there they are, many of them refusing to eat as they feel dying would be preferable than continuing their imprisonment at our hands. Jason Leopold has been doing remarkable reporting on what’s going on at Gitmo for years now over at Truthout.  For the best explanation of the background of the hunger strike, read “Inmates Rising: Worsening Gitmo Mass Hunger Strike in Prisoners’ Own Words“.   He joined me this morning to explain it all – not that there is a logical explanation for what we’re doing there! We’re not the only ones talking about Guantanamo Bay.  Lee Camp had a Moment of Clarity on the subject:

And, last night, Jon Stewart took no prisoners either:

President Obama only spoke about it because he was asked a question at the presser on Tuesday morning:

Stay tuned…

In the first hour, Julianna Forlano brought some laughs with the latest edition of Absurdity Today:

Tomorrow is also my daughter Alison’s birthday.  I got into the our adoption story with Ellen Ratner during the Talk Radio News report  because she’s from Kazakhstan.  (The subject arose because two of the guys arrested yesterday in connection with the Boston bombing are Kazakh nationals.)

If you’d like to read the journal I kept during that journey, it – along with pictures and video – is posted here.

I’ll be spending the weekend celebrating her 14th revolution around the sun – at the beach with a gaggle of girls.  It’s certainly better than attending the NRA’s annual meeting, which is also happening this weekend.

I’ll be back Monday with lots to talk about, I’m sure.