Just as Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby put punctuation to their own creepy sex scandals and waved anything resembling public respect au revoir, The Donald’s long and storied history of bully behaviors/abusive speech re women pivots to Ick.

Trump pretty much Triples Down on his most offensive bigoted commentary. He enjoys calling women pigs, deriding them as ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ or ‘semi-attractive’ or ‘slobs’. Or that there are somehow hordes of disgusting 400 lb. pitifuls no one but he can see, apparently to illustrate the dark depths to which his ship of idiots will sink. Then defend the descent.

[Oooh, the irony.]

But this: Miss Piggy and Miss Eating Machine? Then the reigning trilogy of a Vulgar Sexist/Xenophobic Trumpism was born: Miss H o u s e k e e p i n g ! ! Yes he freaking said it all. Alicia Machado made it to the first General debate via the Clinton team of pre-debate rabidity.

Trump blatantly insults, derides and degrades women with as much passion as he gives to Great American Fast Foods and an East European subservient personality on his Wife Upgrades.

In the end, she came to view Trump as an insensitive bigot and misogynist who seemed to view the pageant and pageant contestants alike as his personal property, Machado recounted in an interview earlier this year for a Washington Post biography, “Trump Revealed.”

“I cannot believe that piece of sh– could possibly be president,” Machado said in the interview, adding later that Trump “behaved like a tyrant when I was Miss Universe and has behaved like a potential despot during this campaign. He lacks the basic skills to govern and is not a good human being.

goofygrinAnd Trump is just so trim himself, a regular Sinatra svelte. Thank gawd this version of Thick Donald Dicque matches the Goofy Hat and Goofy Grin far better.

Per The Washington Post:

Trump’s attacks on her weight are a ‘bad dream’ for former Miss Universe

Donald Trump’s decision to attack a former Miss Universe for gaining too much weight thrust the Venezuelan-born actress into the middle of the presidential campaign on Tuesday — an outcome that was welcomed and encouraged by his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.


Alicia Machado alleges that Trump called her names such as “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” because she gained weight after winning the Miss Universe crown in 1996, when Trump owned the pageant. Clinton brought up Machado’s case during Monday’s first presidential debate, prompting a furious response from Trump that night and into Tuesday next morning.

“She was the worst we ever had. The worst. The absolute worst. She was impossible,” Trump said of Machado in an interview on Fox News Channel Tuesday. “. . . She was the winner, and she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. We had a real problem.”




Trump’s broadside was aimed at a bilingual Latina immigrant who recently became a U.S. citizen — representing two key categories of voters Clinton needs to turn out to vote.

Machado has been working closely with the Clinton campaign since the summer, and she and the Democratic nominee were clearly prepared for Trump’s reaction. The campaign released a two-minute Web video telling Machado’s story after the debate, while Cosmopolitan magazine published a profile of Machado on Tuesday that included photos of her draped in an American flag.


Alicia Machado deserves a string of apologies! It’s no wonder the canned viewership and pundit mentioned highs and lose kept Trump near his comfortable spot at the dregs of any event.