trump i'm the least racist person

Last night I took a screen grab of a tweet by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson. I did that just in case she felt compelled to scrub it. I don’t remember a time when I’ve gotten such a huge reaction on Twitter. I mean, when you get retweets from Patton Oswalt and Josh Malina, you know you’re onto something.

Trump claims to be “the least racist person that you have ever met,” yet ironically, he consistently makes comments and pushes policies that contradict that statement. He also makes a point of hiring people who have their own racist histories. Trump recently made Stephen Bannon his campaign’s “CEO.” Bannon oversaw, an “alt right” (euphemism for white supremacist) site. Rachel Maddow covered that here.

Katrina Pierson, per Raw Story and the Twitter example below, has a “long history of outrageously racist tweets.”

Here’s the one I grabbed (h/t: ):

trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson tweet

And yes, it’s a real tweet. Here’s a link to the original.  If that link stops working, then that means she’s deleted the tweet, which, again, is why I decided to take a screenshot.

If that wasn’t enough nausea inducement for one day, here’s a snapshot I took of my teevee machine last night of a graphic on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. The quote is, allegedly, from Trump:

lawrence o'donnell the last word tv grab racism Trump

Here’s the video of that segment. The quote comes in at about 9:30:


Donald Trump stands by his comments that Hillary Clinton is a “bigot” after Clinton delivers a speech condemning Donald Trump’s “dog whistle” to the alt-right. Lawrence discusses with Nick Kristof, Tara Wall, & Eugene Robinson.

So, Donald, how’s that outreach goin’ for ya? Asking for a friend.