7-8-16 About that X-Ray

  Friday July 8, 2016 I was awakened by the cardiologist, Dr. Mazhar Majid, who explained that my Triponin levels were elevated, the enzyme released into the blood stream after a heart attack or other heart trauma, signaling that I had experienced a heart attack. He explained little else, but did say that the chest x-ray was "clear." I guess he was referring to the fact that the x-ray showed no swelling or inflammation of the heart. (But he left out a vital piece of information, stay tuned!) The next step was to transfer me to another hospital to get [...]

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7-15-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Government Sanctioned Extortionists

I usually love Fridays. They mean the weekend is here. But when you're dealing with medical uncertainty, it's another 48 hours in a dead zone. Nothing will happen until Monday. Today, we learned that the company who takes my money every month and in return is supposed to pay my medical bills DENIED my doctor's order for a PET-CT scan to find out what this mass is on my left lung. DENIED. So, I'm going in first thing Monday morning for a regular old CAT scan that, according to my doctor, will NOT give him the info he needs to [...]

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