I usually love Fridays. They mean the weekend is here.

But when you’re dealing with medical uncertainty, it’s another 48 hours in a dead zone. Nothing will happen until Monday.

Today, we learned that the company who takes my money every month and in return is supposed to pay my medical bills DENIED my doctor’s order for a PET-CT scan to find out what this mass is on my left lung. DENIED.

So, I’m going in first thing Monday morning for a regular old CAT scan that, according to my doctor, will NOT give him the info he needs to determine what the mass is, where it’s located, its size or the best way to biopsy the thing. But it’ll save United Healthcare a few bucks.

And that’s important, because UHC’s CEO, Stephen Hemsley only took home a measly $66 million in 2014. Why should his income be at risk because there’s an unsightly mass on my lung?  :sarcasm:

I know that Medicare for All wouldn’t cure all of our health care problems, but at least I wouldn’t be subsidizing that obscene salary while making people like me suffer and beg for the proper tests to diagnose what’s wrong.

Thankfully, “Boca” Britany Somers hung out in the studio with me today, and we spoke with Julianna Forlano too, so it wasn’t all bad news today. And I got to speak with some of you too.

I’ll be back Monday (CAT scan scheduled at 10, so I should be here). See you then.

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