The Hypocrisy of Allen West

Thanks to the awesome Stephen Goldstein for this editorial in yesterday's South Florida Sun Sentinel West's hypocrisy: Talk-show host deserves apology Stephen Goldstein Columnist May 15, 2011 If the original Boston tea partiers had had to follow Congressman Allen West's rules, we'd still be a British colony. He needs to "man up" and apologize to radio talk-show host Nicole Sandler. She was arrested at one of his recent town hall meetings for the crime of exercising her First Amendment right — and "becoming physically aggressive," according to the police report, a charge which she denies. It shocked and grieved me to [...]

War Criminal

You might think I'm talking about Osama Bin Laden, but I'm not.  I'm glad Bin Laden is gone. Now maybe we can bring our troops home and stop killing people. But the war criminal I'm writing about now is Allen West, who disregarded the Geneva Conventions in 2003 when he carried out a mock execution of an Iraqi police officer - shot a gun right over his head.  He was relieved of his command and fined $5000.  Truthout's Jason Leopold joined me on the show today to give the whole story of Allen West's war crimes... everything you'd never wanted [...]

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