The Vaccination-Autism Connection… Or Not

Ask a group of parents their thoughts on vaccinating their children and you're likely to get some who'd never go against doctor's orders, and some who believe that childhood vaccines are somehow responsible for the rise in autism rates among children.  That latter belief is likely as a result of Dr. Andrew Wakefield who, in 1998, authored a study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, which suggested a possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism. In 2004, British investigative journalist Brian Deer, who's known most for his reports on the drug industry, medicine and social issues for [...]

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Top Kill

If we didn't know better, you'd probably think I was reviewing a new Rambo film.  Unfortunately, we can't kill this oil well in the gulf as easily as Sylvester Stallone could gun down his enemy.  (I apologize if I got the imagery wrong, but I've never seen a Rambo film.) Yes, I'm preoccupied with the gusher in the gulf, as everyone should be. I truly fear for the future of life on the planet if they don't get this thing stopped soon.  You'll notice the streaming video and estimated gallons leaked counter (courtesy of PBS Newshour and NPR).  It'll remain [...]

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