If we didn’t know better, you’d probably think I was reviewing a new Rambo film.  Unfortunately, we can’t kill this oil well in the gulf as easily as Sylvester Stallone could gun down his enemy.  (I apologize if I got the imagery wrong, but I’ve never seen a Rambo film.)

Yes, I’m preoccupied with the gusher in the gulf, as everyone should be. I truly fear for the future of life on the planet if they don’t get this thing stopped soon.  You’ll notice the streaming video and estimated gallons leaked counter (courtesy of PBS Newshour and NPR).  It’ll remain there until the oil stops.

Below is the video from BP where, supposedly, the top kill procedure is underway.

I certainly can’t explain what we’re looking at, but I have a great guest coming on tonight who likely can.

In my online travels today, I happened upon a wonderfully informative (although technically often over my head, website– The Oil Drum.  I  was joined on the show tonight by The Oil Drum contributor Heading Out (actually Dr. David A. Summers, who is a Curators Professor of Mining Engineering and Director of the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center at UMR. Dr. Summers, who has had over 30 years of experience in the field of high-pressure waterjet research, began his professional life as an Indentured Apprentice in the British National Coal Board.He helped found the Water Jet TechnologyAssociation in 1983, and has served as Vice President, President and Chairman of that Society. He is currently a Vice President of the International Water Jet Society.), who’s written the key posts on the oil spill at TOD.

As we usually do on Wednesdays, we started the program with a visit from Christy Harvey at the Center for American Progress for a discussion about the news-both the big stories of the day, and some that otherwise fly under the radar.

In hour two, we  visited with Jack Rice of the Talk Radio News Service.  And then connected with another progressive radio host, Jeff Farias. We’ll spoke about what’s happening in his home state (Arizona), the oil mess and, of course, the state of progressive radio today.

Jeff also announced that he’s running for Justice of the Peace in Phoenix, and therefore will cut back on his broadcasting schedule.  So, beginning tomorrow night, my show will be carried on his stream on Tuesday and Thursday nights.