Lessons Learned

Today on the show, we discussed the lessons we've learned thanks to the government's reactions to two completely different protest strategies. As the brilliant cartoon posted above shows, the nutjobs with guns get all the media attention, while the peaceful protesters demanding that we do something to insure the planet will still be inhabitable by humans when our grandchildren come of age are ignored. But that's the smaller lesson learned here. We also now know, thanks to actual events, that peaceful, nonviolent practitioners of civil disobedience as a means of protest against a corrupt system that reward the criminals and [...]

After Health Care Vote Comes the Death Threats

The party of  No is now the party of hate and intimidation. At least ten Democratic members of the House have been the targets of threats since Sunday's vote on health care reform, with even Sarah Palin getting in on the act. She actually had the audacity to tweet the message  "Don't retreat. RELOAD."  That message directed her readers to her Facebook page where she posted a map of congressional districts she planned to target, and does so with gun crosshairs! Tonight, I was joined by Christy Harvey of the Center for American Progress and MicCheckRadio.org, who told us about [...]

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