5-17-22 Nicole Sandler Show – A (Will) Bunch o’ Primaries

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!) It's Primary Day today in five states, with a couple of very important races in there... most notably, Pennsylvania. With Rob Portman retiring, the soon-to-be-open senate seat is one of the best chances for the Democrats to pick up a much-needed seat. Poised to win the Democratic nomination is John Fetterman, who is not your average candidate. Oh, and he suffered a stroke last week. But it was a minor one, and he's expected to make a complete recovery. The question is whether [...]

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Progressive Pennsylvana Primary

Sorry about the title..I have a thing for alliteration! That aside, tomorrow is the Pennsylvania primary, in which progressive Congressman Joe Sestak challenges Republican turned Democratic Senator Arlen Specter for the Democratic party nomination. Sestak is on a roll.  According to  The Washington Post, Sestak is surging and, according to Bob Schieffer, the White House is preparing for a Sestak win! In case you missed it.. I guest-hosted the Randi Rhodes Show on Friday, and Joe Sestak was my guest.  Click here (or on the player at the top of the post) to hear our conversation.

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