While watching the people of Egypt win their peaceful revolution Thursday, one song was playing on a loop in my mind. Freedom! While the people of Egypt have a long road ahead of them, they did it! They won freedom from a dictator who has ruled their world for over thirty years. But the real lesson here is that they did it through peaceful protests - no "second amendment remedies" necessary. To those who suggest we might be able to follow their lead here to get what we want, I wish it were that simple. We have a deeply divided [...]

Two Journalists, a Spy and and an Activist Appear on a Radio Show

Actually, it was a former spy turned novelist, and they were all my guests today on the Randi Rhodes Show. Journalist Dave Weigel gave us the scoop on his ouster from the Washington Post after a slimy member of a private email list released some of his more controversial statements made in private. That led into a discussion on the thin line between objective journalism and a reporters rights to voice his or her own opinion. I was thrilled to talk with CIA agent turned novelist Barry Eisler, as I just finished reading his latest novel, Inside Out, this morning. [...]

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