916 million USD prime dollars. Of IRS deductions that could last until his Trump Squad of lawyers cannot run out the election clock any further.

The New York Times’ Susanne Craig was gifted with much of this info by snail mail … three whole juicy pages on Trump’s 1995 taxes… Bouyah! An old school reporter’s request (and some to-be-determined hands of ‘fate’) brought her the Get of the season.

She aptly titled the revelatory article published on Sunday,


Now yesterday we had some Juicey Juice from New York’s Attorney General … The non-Esteemed Trump Foundation has been gifted with a Ceast and Desist Order. Formally. Have a NYT bite:

State Attorney General Orders Trump Foundation to Cease Raising Money in New York


The office of New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has issued a “notice of violation” to Donald J. Trump’s foundation, ordering it to immediately stop soliciting donations in New York.

The letter, which was sent on Friday and released on Monday morning byMr. Schneiderman’s office, said that its charities bureau had determined that the Donald J. Trump Foundation had been fund-raising in New York this year when it was not registered to do so under state law.

“The Trump Foundation must immediately cease soliciting contributions or engaging in any other fund-raising activities in New York,” wrote James Sheehan, the chief of the charities bureau.

Mr. Trump’s foundation has come under increasing scrutiny amid questions about charitable pledges,  his fulfillment of large pledges  and his lack of financial support in recent years.

Knew those pitiable Donald multi-K portraits were going to help flatten the vain, ever so crooked toupèed worm.


Mr. Trump has previously deflected criticism about his charitable giving, saying he makes contributions personally and that he has been supportive of his foundation.

Mr. Schneiderman’s office is investigating Mr. Trump’s foundation to determine if it is in compliance with state laws, including how it spends its money.

dejamooHow sweet will it be?

And hopefully some city somewhere must be in dire need of a Rejected Billionaire’s Casino slash Psychiatric Hospital.

I foresee many a smelly 3:00a.m. Tweet at the poor Attorney General who got assigned this Trump Doo manure pile to unpack and sift through.