Yes, it’s April 15. The day we real Americans hand over a portion of our hard-earned money to insure that the commons are taken care of. We true patriots don’t enjoy giving up a big portion of our income, but we realize that we must contribute so our country can take care of the infrastructure, so that our seniors get their Medicare and Social Security, and so that our military can keep us safe (or wage wars which, unfortunately, is what they’re doing with most of our money now).

But the tea baggers are out in force today, still claiming that President Obama is a socialist, communist, nazi, fascist (or, according to many of the tea partiers) some combination of all of the above!

My first guest today was Ken Vogel, senior reporter for Politico whose piece on the connection between the Tea Party Express and GOP fundraisers has been quoted widely over the past few days.

I rambled a bit about the President’s trip down here to Florida today, which included a visit to the Kennedy Space Center for an announcement about our new space program, and a trip down here to Miami for two fundraisers: one at Gloria Estefan’s mansion (at a cost of $30,400 per couple!) and the other one for the rest of us for the much more reasonable $250-$1250 (which I still refuse to pay even if I could afford!)

I brought you up to date on the Florida politics saga, in which Gov. Charlie Crist today vetoed the heinous education bill I told you about yesterday, and the speculation on the possibility of his running for Senate as an independent intensifies.

And we read some of the best tea party signs from yesterday’s Tea Party Express stop in Boston…

Victoria Jones checked in with today’s news update from the Talk Radio News Service.

I spoke with blogger/tweeter @Shoq about this story about the latest lies and videotape from Faux News and Sean Hannity.

And we wrapped up the week with my regular Thursday evening visit with the always funny and charming John Fugelsang

And now, it’s my weekend! I’ll be back with you live Monday, from 6-8pm ET… Radio or Not!