change happens


That’s my daughter carrying that awesome sign that reads “History says change happens. Make some!”

She was probably 12 years old at the Occupy Ft. Lauderdale march that I dragged her to with me at the height of the Occupy movement. Just look how far we’ve come since then.

Today, we talked about making history as we’re making history.

Boca Britany Somers joined us in the new studios today as our first in-studio guest! She’s welcome any time, but since there was major news for the transgender community and the rest of the world this week, I invited Brit in to talk about

  • Misty Snow becomes the first transgender US Senate candidate to win her party’s nomination! She’s the Democratic nominee from Utah, and could send Mike Lee packing. (Ironically, this is the story I was hunting for during the show today but couldn’t find – and as I’m finally writing this at 10pm, I find that Howie Klein wrote this today!)
  • Misty Plowright, another transgender woman (who coincidentally is also named Misty) won the Democratic nomination to run against Rep. Doug Lamborn for Colorado’s 5th congressional district. The Denver Post reports that Plowright beat her opponent 58.1 percent to 41.8.
  • The Pentagon announced it was ending the ban on transgender people serving openly in the military

She also introduced the new project she’s been working on: The National Civil Rights Defense Coalition! The site is a work in progress, but go visit, poke around and contact Brit to help out. And check out The Brit Somers Show too!

Julianna Forlano returned to the show today after being gone for a few months to have a baby!! So that made history too!

Speaking of history, it was on this date back in 1994 that I helped launch the last great radio station (and the best station) I ever worked at. My old friend Dennis Constantine helped make that station a reality, and he posted this picture and memory on Facebook yesterday…

KSCA signs on

That station was so revolutionary that now, 20 years after the station was sold and turned Spanish, our website is still archived on the interwebs by a listener… Check it out here..

And we’ll make more radio history starting Tuesday, July 5, when the new Randi Rhodes Show premieres following my show every weekday afternoon at 4 ET.

On Monday, we’ll be taking off for the 4th of July, but I’ll put together a real “Best of” show to run, featuring interviews with Zephyr Teachout, Don Siegelman and Bernie Sanders. And we’ll see you back here, LIVE, Tuesday July 5 for the start of a new independent media empire!