I’m guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show again today – and there’s certainly no shortage of things to discuss!

Citizens concerned about the future of habeas corpus (that would include me) are wondering about the fate of the National Defense Authorization Act, most specifically section 1031 that allows for the indefinite detention of US citizens.

According to Sen. Carl Levin who sponsored the amendment along with Sen John McCain, language that exempted American citizens and legal residents from indefinite military detention was removed from the bill at the request of the White House!

We’ll talk about this with Baher Azmy, Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights who are urging President Obama to veto the bill.

In hour two of the show, we’ll be joined by the two co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  First up is Congressman Raul Grijavla who’ll fill us in on the Restore the American Dream for the 99% Act that the CPC introduced yesterday.  I’ll also ask for his thoughts on the NDAA section 1031, mentioned above.

At the bottom of the hour, I’ll speak with Congressman Keith Ellison. I’ll ask him about last night’s GOP bill extending the Payroll Tax Holiday along with a slew of poison pills like the Keystone XL Pipeline, a 40% cut in unemployment benefits, drug testing for unemployment recipients, a mandate to obtain a GED for anyone without a high school diploma, and on and on…

And, as Ellison was the first Muslim to be elected to Congress (and is now only one of two), I will have to ask him to weigh in on the controversy surrounding Lowe’s pulling their advertising from the TLC show All-American Muslim, bowing to the demands of a hate group known as Florida Family Association.

In the third hour, I’ll speak with my friend Shane-O who hosts Funked in the Head every Thursday evening program here at Radio or Not.  He came up with a great idea to benefit many of the Occupy groups around the country.

Occuthon is pretty much what it sounds like – a 24-hour live broadcast to help raise awareness and funds for the people who are putting their lives and energies on the line to effect change in this country.

Occuthon will begin this Friday, Dec 16 at 7pm, and run for the next 24 hours.  You can watch it live right here at RadioOrNot.com .. and some other places too. Shane will give us all the details shortly after 5pm today on Randi’s Show.

I’m leaving lots of time for your calls too, at 866-87-RANDI (866-877-2634).

And I’ll be back at my regular perch, tomorrow morning at 10 ET, on Radio or Not!