“Pastor” Terry Jones just finished up a press conference in which he said that he’s canceling Saturday’s scheduled Koran burning in Gainesville FL because the Imam of the planned Islamic center near ground zero has agreed to relocate it.

Call me a cynic, but I think this guy is full of shit.  I don’t believe the Imam agreed to any such thing.  And if he did, it’s tantamount to blackmail or negotiating with a terrorist.  Yes, I think Terry Jones is a terrorist.

I think this whole idea of linking the Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan with the Koran burning started with Sarah Palin.  I wish the two of them would go away… and when we heard Palin, we’d think only of Michael, and when we hear Terry Jones, again, it would be the one from Monty Python!

I’ll bring you the latest on this mess on tonight’s show… Then we’ll go to pot. Seriously.

We’ll talk with a listener who heads to jail tomorrow on marijuana charges (he thought it was just pot! no big deal!) Unfortunately, the law is still the law, even if it’s a stupid law!

Then we’ll move on to a guy who was one of the biggest pot smugglers in the 70s, went to jail, and now is in the marijuana field legally.  Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc (MJNA) will tell us how his business is doing.

And we’ll finish up the show, the week, and our live shows in this time slot with John Fugelsang! Don’t forget, beginning Monday, we’re on live from 10am-noon ET.  Talk with you soon!