Applause to the hard-working left leaners over at Salon. And their comrades at Alternet. Headlines alone get an h/t with a flourish:

The Alpha Dog that Wouldn’t Hunt: How Trump’s Ludicrous ‘Alpha Male’ Act Is Destroying Him

sub: •  Trump’s alt-right fanboys celebrate his so-called “alpha” masculinity — but they’re the real “cucks.”


Matthew Rozsa of Salongoofygrin has wisely held his mirth and thoroughly  covered the Belly Flop of a recent prat fall of The Dickish Donald … in ways that should make you go Ick.

Brendan Gauthier at Salon has also been feeling The antiTrump Vibe as volubly and magnificently.

You see, there are identifiable ‘cucks’ in poli-times this year from hell … so of course T’Rump has to have ‘the greatest ones possible’.

Believe him.




                                          The Great Gorell via gorellart.com


When Salon’s Brendan Gauthier recently wrote about the alt-right’s reaction to Donald Trump’s humiliating performance in the first presidential debate, he included the following quote from a 4chan user defending the Republican nominee’s alleged stiffing of contractors:

As an alpha

[Trump] has no problem with asserting his will. You bet a cucks wouldnt [sic] understand because when the waiter brings you the wrong order you are too busy shoe gazing at your cell phones to dispute in front of your step-sons mom [sic].


It’s no shock to a toddler even, The Trump is one wannabee Alpha Male [non-badass] guard dog (the pedigreed mutt he knows must somewhere live inside him – but he is too busy disrespecting women, insulting HRC and waiting for himself to WIN on the 4th of next month…  to do the bloody math!).


bob-gorrell                                                                        The Great Gorell via gorellart.com


unfriendIt’s about time we saw Alpha Female, because they have been cucks-and-cuckold-aware for like…  centuries.

So Ladies, get yourselves a Boadicea helmet, some chain mail and get ready to take on that hyperactive neon orange yipping dog living inside Donald Dicque’s hair.

Yet none of this gobsmacking misogyny seems to boomerang back to the tacky Trump Tower. The Hair and The Donald Donald is ostensibly rebooting himself for The Upcoming Grandè Grandè WWF Debate II matchup to be reffed by poor Anderson Cooper.


As noted Brendan Gauthier of Salon’s quote sums the cray rather spectacularly,


donald-trump-with-nest-hair-style-very-funny-image“Trump won,” another 4chan user wrote, alluding to the mainstream media: “MSM in denial but the numbers don’t lie.”


What The What The? Was the viewer on Trump Brand Rohyphenol or just plain ole’ redneck ‘home-batched’ hooch?!  Starting to think 4cha users are right next door to Trumpian Troll Central 2016. Slumming Trump’s HQ.

The scariest thing about elections might just be that we get this excruciatingly clear, terrifying look at what lives in alt-right minds (bad neighborhoods).

Republican Traumatic Stress DisOrder Gridlock ahead, Guilty Chris Christie to Aisle 5?????  The Donald is surely looking at complete End of Days here. No wonder he grabbed and greased up the sturdy stone Old P.O. fortress inside The Beltway.

Of courseTrump’s idea of roughing it would be un-decanted Diet Pepsi (an insouciant 2008 he has been saving) and a greasy plateful or ribs without too much meat on them. Anexoric ribs, he’d joke to his audience … a Real Ten.

It’s like getting tasered with the genuine raw reality of Reality. At least we can HOPE for a taser … long guns and Glocks coming much more readily to hand in 2016.


The Great Gorrell via

                                        The Great Gorrell via Gorrellart.com 


The TrumpTaxes at least got a peekaboo out to We the Pissed Off Public. Yay.

The People are going to have their sniffers cranked up and have seats reserved to watch ’em I.D. the rest of the skeletons he thought had been cached secretly away with all Burnt Trump Toast… even came handily with a faultless ‘fall girl’ — “Miss Housekeeping/Miss Universe” began to make Ick Headlines. See ours here.

Again, passionate progressives … Use your Voice. Use your Heart. And by goddess Use Your Vote!!!!!


Laffy will be womanning her dash at The Twitters,  fellow malcontents … watch her spaces avidly! [But with a cocktail.]



The Great Gorell via gorellart-com

                              The Great Gorell via gorellart.com