We trot out the wisdom of Franklin each year as we pay our share of keeping this country going. I believe any patriot would be more than willing to pay their taxes to insure that the infrastructure is kept up, and the citizens protected. Unfortunately, those priorities seem to be low on the totem pole that has military spending taking up a ridiculous percentage of the hard-earned dollars most of us fork over every year.

It’s sad and maddening that the wealthiest people and corporations in the US get the biggest tax breaks, while those of us struggling to get by are hit harder and harder. Something’s got to give.

A lot of people are feeling the strain. It invaded the chat room this morning…  As someone who doesn’t hold any religious beliefs, I do believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe we get back what we put out. Some time ago, I came upon a list of affirmations that somehow seem to help. They’re not miracle panacea, but more times than not, after reading them, something good has come my way. So, give it a try.  Click here to open the pdf.

Cliff Schecter wrote a piece about the latest insane gun law working its way through the Florida legislature. “Florida’s Zombie Apocalypse Gun Bill” would allow any gun toting fool without a concealed carry permit to bring their weapons out during any so-called emergency. So, I invited him on to talk about that and more heat/humidity-induced insanity in another edition of Oy FloriDUH!

If it’s Tuesday, we hang with GottaLaff of The Political Carnival too. She brought us these stories, and I threw in a few too…

Chris Christie accused of interfering with New Jersey ethics agency

Rick Perry lawyers up for criminal investigation of bribery, coercion, abuse of authority (VIDEO)

Marsha Blackburn ’16? Please proceed.

Iowa Sen. candidate smiles, says, “I’m going to use my Glock. To blow your balls off.”

And if that “blow your balls off” ad wasn’t enough, see how low the 2014 campaign ad has gone with this one:


And finally, from Ddani, a regular in the chatroom…