Even here in Florida! For some reason, the mercury will hit 85 this afternoon, and dip down to 45 tonight. But no, there’s no climate change. Not at all.

The best part of my day was watching Maysoon Zayid’s brilliant TED talk. In case you haven’t seen it yet, have a look now.

It’s been too long since Maysoon joined us, so she came on this morning to talk about that experience and why General Hospital should hire her (and they should!)

And, as it’s Monday, Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars joined in with our first Fools on the Hill segment of the new year…

I’m not sure what world the conservative talking heads live in—is it Bizarro World?  Is it the Village?  Is it the One Percent World? Take your pick.  But whichever one it is, it is clearly not the world the rest of us live in.  So it demands the question be asked: why do we let them frame the debate?

Why do we let George Will (the actual documented MOST WRONG pundit) stay on the air to say that Bill deBlasio is bribing the teachers’ unions by pushing universal pre-K.  Because doing something for the benefit of our future is not something conservatives would even consider doable.

Sadly, that’s not even the worst thing said about Bill deBlasio this Sunday.  Even Bob Schieffer thought that Peggy Noonan went too far calling him “a former Sandinista”.

Cokie Roberts looks at the change of the conversation towards inequality and populism and doesn’t see a resurgence of liberalism.  No, no, no…there’s no liberal resurgence, because there’s so few “self-identified liberals.”  Huh?

The Little Sisters of the Poor are actively fighting the birth control mandate of Obamacare, even though they are exempt as a religiously-based non-profit.  But apparently, signing the exemption form is also something God doesn’t want them to do either.

Jim Cramer—from whom no one should expect cogent economic theory—isn’t sure that raising the minimum wage/hiring workers and lowering the unemployment rate will benefit the poor beleaguered billionaires. And really, isn’t that who is MOST important?

On a more important note… I apologize for my emotions at the top of the show. I’m going through yet another life crisis, and trying to figure out what comes next. No, there’s no one beating down my door looking to hire me… but I’ve also not spent much time looking for a job that would actually pay a salary.

So, my question for you: Are you reading this? If so, please leave a comment below. If there are no comments, I guess I got my answer.