It’s part two of today’s double-header as I guest host the Randi Rhodes Show again to day…

The news just broke that Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her two year old daughter.  I guess you can get away with murder in this country.  Aside from a brief rant on the insanity of the coverage of this circus, we’ll stick with much more important issues today.

ACORN is one of those.  I’ll speak with John Atlas, author of Seeds of Change: The Story of ACORN, America’s Most Controversial Antipoverty Community Organizing Group about this very American group who was brought down by some unscrupulous miscreants.

The tea partiers are still claiming patriotism as they desecrate the history of our nation.  I’ll speak with Washington Monthly‘s Steve Benen about how most of what they’re claiming is patently false!

And I’ll shed a light on how my congressman, Allen West, is the antithesis of patriotic!

In hour three, we’ll share a few laughs with Elon James White – comedian, writer and host of the web series “This Week In Blackness“.  He was recently tapped by the ACLU to talk about the ridiculous war on drugs and this is what he came up with: