Today’s Thursday, so we have a standing date with Howie Klein of and the Blue America PAC. He usually joins us at around the :30 minute mark. He’s out at an appointment today, but we should still be able to get him on the phone for a conversation….

But if something prevents that from happening, we’ve still got you covered as there’s more insanity flying around the interwebs today than I could possibly get through in an hour.

For example, some Neanderthal football player from Kansas delivered a commencement speech on Saturday that he is correctly being lambasted for… Of course, I have a response… and now he’s trying to mitigate the damage but just digging a deeper hole…

The crazy caucus in the already ridiculous GOP House caucus has shirked their Congressional responsibilities to show up in NYC to put their stamp of approval on the corrupt, disgraced, twice impeached, sexual predator, former occupant of the White House…. you get the idea.