President Joe Biden owned TFG this morning when he issued his challenge for not just one, but TWO debates to happen in June and September. Surprisingly, TFG agreed…BUT then, true to form, he lied about a THIRD debate, hosted by Fox (NOT) News, saying he accepted that one too. But, true to form, he made it up. A third debate and especially one hosted by FOX was NEVER on the table. The poor schmuck just can’t abide by anyone else’s rules.

Yesterday, Digby told me that the sycophants who are still cult members aren’t even denying that TFG wears diapers. They’ve embraced it. And today I saw lots of evidence of that, which I’ll share. You know that, if there was ever even an accusation that President Biden was suffering from fecal incontinence, the ridicule would never end.
But for the orange turd they embrace the anal leakage (and, I guess, the reported stench that accompanies it).

Now that you have that mental picture… We have a show today, but no guest.
So we’ll talk about the news and whatever is on our collective minds.

If we get through all my stuff and you aren’t calling in, I have an interview cued up from last summer when I spoke with the artist I’m going to see on Friday night, Michael Franti.
At a time like we’re living through right now, we could all use a shot of positivity. So I’m happy to replay that one… unless you have something more important we should discuss?