How Project 2025 Will Ruin Your Life with Andra Watkins on the Nicole Sandler Show – 5-21-24

     We've covered Project 2025 before, and we'll continue sounding the alarm until and after TFG is defeated and this MAGAt brand of Republicans are extinct. They are that dangerous, and that's not hyperbole, it's fact. They will, if given the opportunity, destroy democracy. Today, I'm joined by a NY Times best-selling author, Andra Watkins.. She was raised in a Christian Nationalist family, the people who espouse this type of fascism, and was lucky enough to escape it and share what she knows with the rest of us. She started a substack at  to educate and inform [...]

Navigating Opposite World with Digby on the Nicole Sandler Show – 5-14-24

     She is the OG of the progressive blogosphere. Heather Parton, known to her readers as Digby, began blogging at her Hullabaloo blog (now at back around the turn of the century. Truly.... And here we are today -- not only in Opposite World, but also in the Surreal World. You can (and should) also find Digby writing at! We'll talk about Trump on trial and the rest of the absurd news of the day that illustrates just how completely screwed we are!

Project 2025 Takedown with Tiffany Torres Williams on the Nicole Sandler Show 4-17-24

   The first criminal trial of Donald Trump to convene is on recess today (no Wednesday sessions, per the judge), but it was a busy Tuesday as seven jurors were seated. Five more plus six alternates are expected by the end of the week, with opening arguments as soon as Monday. So today's circus was in Congress, where House Republicans walked their articles of impeachment for DHS Secretary Alejandro Majorkas, and the nonsense continued. I'll run down the latest on those and other stories, and then we'll get to today's main attraction: Project 2025, or the GOP's plan to [...]

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