It’s Thursday, and Driftglass joined me to talk about the electoral mess that is the reality of the 2016 presidential campaign season.

In hour two, I was joined  by Donna Smith. Although we first met Donna when she appeared in Michael Moore’s film, Sickoshe hasn’t slowed down in the least.

These days, Donna is serving as Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America, probably the first group to back and endorse Bernie Sanders, even urging him to run before his decision.

In advance of Tuesday’s primary races from NJ to CA, Donna wrote a great post about the need to redirect our energies from Bernie or Bust to Justice or Bust because it’s not about the person, but about the issues.

It’s not Bernie or bust.  Even Bernie would likely remind you of that.  His campaign has been about us – all of us.  It’s about justice through revolution.  While Bernie adds the term “political” to his pitch, what we don’t talk about enough is the growing unrest among those with nothing to lose – people like me who have tried to work within and through the political system only to be excluded and discounted – even by the best of “friends.” 

The campaign is about the issues and how this nation intends to handle those issues that are leaving millions of people out of the promise that was supposed to be some sort of American dream.  Like so many others, my dreams were sliced and diced away years ago leaving me to reorient my life, to hope for less and to expect less.  That’s not my point here.  Let me tell you how this ordinary person tried to be heard, and why my experiences might tell us what the current anti-establishment energy is all about.

Donna and I also spoke about The People’s Summit, happening next weekend — June 17-19 — in Chicago, which will feature speakers from Naomi Klein, Roseann DeMoro, Shaun King, Tulsi Gabbard and scores of others.

Let’s kick this campaign into high gear… Justice or Bust!